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There are many paths an artists can chose to explore, and I enjoy using many kinds of vehicles to traverse these open roads. My body of work is a mixture of digital design, fine art, and illustrations, occasionally, leaning towards arts & crafts. I enjoy using a broad range of materials: paints, inks, penils, paper, and printable designs. I was influenced in my youth by album cover art, book covers, comic books, cartoons, Mad Magazine, commercial art, branding, and packaging, Later, I was influenced by artists such as: H.R. Giger, Norman Rockwell, and Rembrandt, also many modern concept artist. It’s not a race, but rather, an adventure. I often feel as though I am in the passengers seat, and the art is in the drivers seat. Achieving a personal level of success in each medium is like reaching an anticipated road trip destination, that can then be revisited by the artists an infinite amount of times, with limitless results.

I am a graphic designer with specialty skills in brand design, fine art, illustration, website design, UX/UI design, writing, and book cover design.I graduated with a B.A. in Graphic Design, and A.A.(s) in Fine Arts, and Arts and Humanities
My freelance work ranges from company branding and website builds, brochures, social media ad campaigns, Rock band logo design, and poster, flyer, and program design for events.I work well with others, manage my time well, and always meet my deadlines.
There is a proven and successful process when it comes to fulfilling a client’s or company’s branding and advertising needs. Market/product research, understanding the client’s “vision,” and establishing the target audience are all required first steps, before a designer can create the best solution to the problem, using their unique style and craftsmanship.
The initial designs should be loose and exploratory, have a strong concept, communicate to the audience, incorporate the brand’s key elements, and stay true to the design brief and contractual agreements with the client.The final design or product should always be presented in a manner that reflects professionalism, its proper use, and highlight its qualities. The design, advertisement campaign, or product should serve the client’s needs, be effective, and stand apart from the competition.

Bryan Mount / Graphic Designer

Phone: (909) 486 - 0651

E-Mail content to:

 5575 Cypress Dr. San Bernardino, CA 92407

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